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“Become responsible with 2ºmuch!”

Choose a project or a product to compensate your carbon footprint or part of it. You can also make a 2ºmuch! gift to a friend, someone of your familly or even compensate for a trip or your entire enterprise.

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“Rich, high emitters should be held accountable for their emissions, no matter where they live”

The richest 10% of people produce half of Earth’s climate-harming fossil-fuel emissions, while the poorest half contribute a mere 10%

Choice your action

You are to one “click distance” of taking action against climate change. Choice the best way for you and become responsible whit 2ºmuch!

Track your actions

We do more than planting trees, follow all the activities carried in your ecosystems by our team trough ecological restoration and ecological planning.

Add more actions

 You can add more actions form your dashboard.Tracking Your Impact, we send you detailed updates on the project once every 2 weeks.

We trust in the power of  acting people


aware people create reflexions on society but acting people make changes

We trust in the power of  acting people

How climate change impacts biodiversity and human wellbeing ?

Planting Trees is not enough

Only ecosystems can save the climate!